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More clients finding you in the next 30 days or your money back!

Over 108 prospects in 44 days (at an average transaction value of R10 000, that is R1,08 million of potential business) - getting ready with two more campaigns!

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is a marketing and sales action. The aim is getting people interested in what you offer. It is about getting people to put up their hands and say they are interested. If you find people who are interested in your products or services, you have a lead. 

Leads are key to staying in business and vital to grow a business. If there are no customers there can be no business. 

All business must focus on finding more clients and converting them to customers. 

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A brief history of advertising 

Advertising started long ago. Egyptians used papyrus to make sales messages and wall posters.

An old advertising adage is to get in front as many people as possible. Then blast out your marketing message. Some believe this is how advertising works. With that approach a lot of your advertising is wasted. Not everyone in the audience will have a need for what you offer.  

Some say you are building a brand. Creating a brand is expensive. Go look at the marketing budgets of Coca-Cola, Apple, Microsoft, and others. Building a reputable reputation is important. Being different is important. All of these come before a brand. A brand is build on reputation and values.  I am sorry to say, but you need to hear this, it is not about you, it is about what they want, your customers. 

In today‚Äôs world a business has many options to advertise. The first obvious one is TV. There are hundreds of channels to choose from. This is mass advertising. There is a lot of waste on TV advertising. Many people skip the ads. Or they are not interested. This is also one of the most expensive options. It takes weeks, even months to get your advertisement running. You need actors, script writers, copy writers, camera men, location(s), and more.  

The next option is magazines. Again, you are targeting the masses. A lot of wasteful advertising. The time to run an advertisement is sometimes weeks. You need a designer, copywriter, and more. 

Seth Godin introduced permission based marketing. Asking the permission of a person to be marketed to. This means your advertisement becomes relevant for the person when they are most interested, in sales terms ... a hot prospect.

The Astonishing Power of Focused Lead Generation 

... but Without the High Cost

The internet has brought about a new way of finding potential clients. For most this is still very technical and very new. You need knowledge on advertising, marketing, web design. hosting, coding, and more. To learn these skills will take precious time. Most people don't have the time to get good at it. There are more pressing issues that needs to be handled. 

In the right hands, a good campaign can bring about a flood of new potential customers. If it is done right from the start an online campaign can attract new clients. 

Getting it right is what is key. A chain is only as strong as the weakest link. You want a campaign where all the links are strong. Where all the elements work together.

Think of a time in your life when everything just worked. Where everything was in harmony. It could be that goal, or when the music played, or when you did a presentation, or when all the traffic lights was green with no traffic on the way to an important meeting. When it all just clicked together perfectly. You want a campaign that clicks together perfectly.

What do you get when you choose us for your lead generation?

  • A dedicated, focused campaign
  • Exclusive Prospects just for you
  • Monthly Campaign Improvement
  • No Set-Up Costs
  • 100% Measurable Results
  • Leads via email
  • Leads via SMS
  • No long term contracts, you can stop at any time

 YES! Ready to get started ... 

Why our Service is Risk-Free for You

We do a bunch of research before taking on a campaign. If you had to ask someone to do this it could easily cost you thousands of rands. Our success lies in finding you good quality prospects. To make sure we can do that we do a lot of research. If the research is positive we go for the campaign. Because we guarantee our results we want to make sure we can find you prospects. 

Just like you, we do not want to lose money. We want to make money. We want you to make money. The way we make money is by adding more value to you than what it is costing you - in other words finding your good prospects.

Discover How Some of Our Clients are Using
this Lead Generation in their Business

  • Getting more prospects accross the country
  • Got into different markets 
  • See where the most demand is in the market
  • Find out what customers are most interested in (and it was not what we thought!)
  • Reaching sales targets
  • Building a potential customer base to offer more services and other products
  • Developing the business
  • Improving the current sales process
  • Having specific discussions with the sales team about the prospects
  • More focus on all leads generated in the business
  • More and better sales
  • Overall improvement in staff morale

When we asked some clients what they like about this lead generation 

... here is what they said 

Keeps our finger on the pulse, where the demand is and what customers are looking for.
Helps with reaching our targets in the business. 
R30 000 is what we are making on an average sale - so its great!

See How Many More Customers our Customers Find

Here are some interesting tips from our customers to get the most out of the service

  • Follow up quickly with the leads as this will increase your sales
  • Keep in contact with your clients - send them SMS, emails, promotions and more
  • When you see what a client is interested in, phone them! Pick up the phone and call ...
  • Phone clients in 30 minutes and blow the competition out of the water
  • Talk to the client about what they want and how they will be using your products and services

How to get started with finding more leads:

Step 1: You tell us as much as possible about your business. 

Step 2: We go and do a bunch of research to determine if we can help you find leads interested in what you offer.

Step 3: If the results are good we determine a workable advertising budget for the first month.

Step 4: You give us the go-ahead, make the investment and we get your campaign ready within 10 days.

Step 5: The results are measured. If you are happy with the leads we continue on a monthly basis. No long term contracts.

What will the leads look like?

Why is our service different from other lead generation services?

  • We develop a dedicated campaign for you
  • We create a focused product or service site
  • We don't mess with your current website saving you hard cash and frustrations
  • Everything is done for you, no technical knowledge required
  • You get guaranteed results 
  • Leads are delivered via SMS and email helping you follow up quickly with prospects to make more sales
  • No hidden fees, one monthly amount that includes everything

Interesting Fact: Did you know most companies never track their advertising?

With this service the tracking is automatic. You get 100% measurable results. No extra work on your side. You focus on what us important ... making the sale. 

Small, Medium and Large Businesses Rely on us to get them more prospects

A client asked us to do a campaign selling meat based food products. They sold 25 tons of it to Angola from just one of the first responses. They also cleared the shelves of the factory outlet by the second weekend. For less than the cost of a single small ad in Farmers Weekly.
A client selling office space made R100,000 in countrywide commissions in the first ten days of starting with us. For less than the price of a single ad in a single newspaper for a single day.
A client received 72 prospects in one month for less than one advertising spot on radio.

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  • A dedicated lead campaign
  • Exclusive leads (not shared with anyone, just for you)
  • Guaranteed results
  • Leads via SMS and Email
  • Fast Results
  • No need to update your current site
  • You don't need a current website
These are great prospects. Before 09:00 this morning we did 3 deals. Deal 1 was worth R30 000, deal 2 about R45 000 and deal 3 over R500 000.